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Know About DostokTak?

RASE INFOTECH created Android App DostonTak for those special desi people who have a knack for entertaining others. Entertainers can create, dub or edit their short videos and share them to millions of global users. Showcase your talent for entertaining with an array of special features at DostonTak. Our features includes but not limited to video editing, cutting, trimming, merging and uploading, various filters for special effects, sounds and music clips that encompasses all genres – classical, country, funny, hip-hop, pop, rock, edm, rap and what not, the list is never ending.
Capture your special moments, quirky moves or just everyday routine or emulate the latest trending audio clips mix with your own innovative moves and acts and posts them, in this age of social media rage your video will be viralled beyond your comprehension.
Passive viewers can stream and watch from millions of videos of their choice based on fun activities, DIY, dance, mimicry, meme, sports, food, animals and much more, the categories are innumerable. Doston Tak gives you an opportunity to make your own followers or follow the greatest entertainers. The videos can be shared on social media.
Our services are available in English as well as in major Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Urdu, Punjabi etc. we will keep on adding more to the list . We solicit your co-operation and support in this regard.

What Makes DostokTak Different?

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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to We are happy to provide you a platform for showing your skills and creativity. Please read and agree to our Terms of service and privacy policy before using our services.

1. YOU must give correct mobile number, email id, gender, age, and name for sign up process.

2. You must understand that the data we collect from you are stored on our servers, as long as you are our users. We assure you that we won’t sell your data to anyone.

3. You must agree that we may collect information like Device model, usage logs, and other analysis related data for better understanding and improvement of our services.

4. Since this is a public platform, users are expected to maintain decency and good conduct with fellow users. Videos that are against national interest and communal harmony should not be uploaded. Verbal abuse, indecent comments, messages are not allowed. Users can also report to us, if they have any concerns.

5. You must fully read Our PRIVACY POLICY on our website before using our services. You are voluntarily joining on this platform. So, you are aware that whatever videos you upload on this platform will be stored on OUR safe servers. You also agree that we may send regular platform updates, marketing promotions to your phone via push notifications and email.

6. We urge you to create useful videos that will be beneficial to all users and enrich their knowledge too. Welcome to our community. Enjoy using our platform. Thank you.

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Privacy Policy

We at DostonTak, value your data and privacy seriously. Please read our privacy policy and it explains how we conduct our services, our responsibilities and user responsibilities etc.
If you install our apps and if you use our websites or any other web services, it is assumed that you have read our PRIVACY POLICY, TERMS OF SERVICE. You will also be prompted whenever you install and register on the app and, to accept our policies and terms. Same applies for our websites too. All of these policies and terms will be updated regularly. If you have any issues with that, please don’t use our services.
Details we collect from Users:
We will collect your Name, Email id, Mobile Number, Gender, age, social media login details [if registered through social media accounts like Facebook(TM), Google(TM) ]etc., at the time of registration. It is the minimum level of information we require to identify a user for registering on our website and app. We will store these data on secure servers of reputed companies with access control protection. We will not share or sell these data to any other third parties. It will only be used for rendering our services to our users.
We will also collect data by server logs and cookies. We may also collect details of device model used, IP address, Operating system, location, etc for improving app functioning and user experiences. We may send notifications for alerts and new services etc by push notifications. We may also send important updates via your registered email and mobile number by SMS. But, we assure you we won’t spam you. We have full regards for your privacy and value your trust.
User Rights:
If you no longer want to use the app, you can delete your profile. You may also request us to delete all your data with us. But, understand since this is software programmed, most of the time we never handle your data manually. Also, If needed, we can also provide the information we stored about you.
AS for as children’s access to the platforms we operate, especially the video sharing app, we normally discourage any one below 18 years of age, to use this app. Parents should have control over what their children are watching on this app. If any under age children registered mistakenly, we are ready to delete it, if requested to us through proper communication.
Disclosure of Data:
While we respect your privacy and our strong commitment towards it, we may be in some situations mentioned below, will share full or partial informations about you based on the situation. These are,
1. When requested by Government, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, to take actions that pertains to national security and to maintain law and order in the society.
2. When we ask our employees to maintain continuously our apps and websites, the content and other storage server related tasks which require many people to do the tasks for the perfect live working of our services online.
3. When we enter in to with business alliances, getting funding partners for scaling our services, etc. But we will sign a confidentiality agreement with them before sharing any details.
Un Expected Situations:
In spite of all these assurances we give to protect your private information when we use our apps and websites, we cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or misuse of your user information, due to situations arising that are beyond our control which are acts of god, fire, civil riots, floods, government policies, explosions, war, diseases of uncontrollable and fast spreading nature, strikes or industrial disputes, internet network failures, hacking, sudden and large scale technical issues, un warranted access to computer data and servers etc and problems of this nature that are beyond our control and that cannot be rectified immediately.
If you need any help and clarification, you can mail us at ---
For all disputes exclusively to, courts of jurisdiction in Chennai, India only.

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